One Bag Tag

One Bag Tag.
Every Trip.

Etched with a permanent barcode, One Bag Tag is recognized at every airport check-in desk worldwide, replacing the need of the airline issued paper tag, each time you check-in bags.
In addition, it is equipped with the latest in global tracking features, a weighing scale, and it's cloud-based bag profile. Lastly, One Bag Tag conveniently attaches to all luggage kind, and will be launching soon.

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Welcome to One Bag Tag

Welcome To
One Bag Tag

Created and patented by two New York City based luxury travel CEO’s, One Bag Tag is set to revolutionize the airport luggage check-in process across the globe. No more waiting for luggage tags, dealing with ripped tags, or peeling sticky receipts off your passport.
In addition, our tag is built in with, GPS, Bluetooth & RFID giving your bag the most advanced tracking abilities globally.

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Benefits of One Bag Tag

Seamless Checkin

No Mess

With One Bag Tag there will be literally no mess when checking bags at the airport. Our technology assures, that you will never again need any type of paper or bag stickers involved within the check-in process.

Seamless Checkin

No Receipt

The same 10 digit bag tag receipt, but One Bag Tag is yours & it’s permanent for all of your air travel trips.

Seamless Checkin

No Distinction

Regardless of where & when you travel, or with which airline, One Bag Tag will be understood everywhere an airport check-in desk or conveyor belt exists.

Seamless Checkin

No Updating

One Bag Tag integrates directly into the existing global airport baggage system, and will be accepted universally across the 7 continents.

Seamless Checkin

No Worries

Through Bluetooth you get to track your suitcase on the airport conveyor & when it’s right next to you, it beeps loudly. Meanwhile, RFID will alert you throughout, from security, to aircraft loading all the way to your conveyor belt number, so you are always in-the-know of your bag.

Seamless Checkin

No Offline

Forget ‘within range’ tracking limitations, the built-in GPS is accompanied with a nano SIM card, which sends exact location details of your bag to you, regardless of where in the world it’s located.

Seamless Checkin

No Confusion

Forgot which suitcase you checked-in? Need to describe your bag? The One Bag Tag smartphone app, will have a picture and detailed size, color & brand description of your bag/s.

Seamless Checkin

No Limit

Checking in multiple bags? Traveling with the family? You can get as many One Bag Tags as you need. Switching bags? No worries, One Bag Tag will change bags in 30 seconds.

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One Bag Tag App

Control Your Luggage
In The Palm of Your Hand

One Bag Tag is controlled seamlessly through your smartphone and smartwatch. You will be able to track where your luggage is, weigh your bags, and use our proximity alert features to find your bags at the conveyor.

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